• New Mobile Campus Rolls Out
  • Father Guido Sarducci Appointed Head of Foreign Languages
  • Tenure Shmenure; AAUP at PBJC Endorses New Policy
  • PBJC Study Abroad Program Head Denies Charges of Sexual Harassment
  • Geology Program Strikes Oil
  • PBJC Announces New Immigration Policy

  • New Mobile Campus Rolls Out

    Lois, TX / March 15, 2010 Following a traditional ribbon cutting ceremony and champagne bottle smashing in the second bay of the Automotive Repair and Rebuild program, PBJC's sleek new mobile campus rolled down the hill and on its way to its first location, the site of the recently abandoned waste treatment center. With its full compliment of computers, satellite dish, and snack bar, the...

    Father Guido Sarducci Appointed Head of Humanities

    PBJC Office of Humanities / March 10, 2010 President Billy Bob Scanlon announced today the appointment of Father Guido Sarducci as head of the the college's Humanities Division. In his
    acceptance speech Father Sarducci summed up his philosophy of education and his plans to reduce the length of a number of humanities courses.

    Tenure Shmenure; AAUP at PBJC Endorses New Policy

    PBJC Study Abroad Program Head Denies Charges of Sexual Harassment
    N O T
    President's Office / March 8, 2010 In a closed hearing conducted in the President's Office before the Faculty Committee on Standards and Principles, Dick Rantallion, Professor of Foreign Languages presented his defense in what has been referred to by the local media as...

    Oil Slick Confounds Art Students

    "It's sort of like when that picture of Madonna started crying. Everybody thought it was a miracle 'til they found out it was part of the promotion for her new album."

    PBJC Announces New Immigration Policy
    In keeping with current policies regarding illegal immigration and its impact on the American economy, President Scanlon announced a resolution requiring faculty to check the backgrounds and status of any suspected Canadians in their classes. "We've let this slide for too long," said Dr. Scanlon. "Too many of those Frenchbacks have taken advantage of the liberal government policy toward people who clearly have come into this country to take jobs away from legal, hard-working Americans." When asked to cite examples, Dr. Scanlon quickly rattled off some familiar names.
                "Do you know how many American comedians can't get work because of people like Mike Myers, Dan Akroyd, Eugene Levy, Jim Carrey, Howie Mandel, and Martin Short? And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Journalism jobs have been snatched up by the likes of Peter Jennings and Morley Safer. And what about Michael Buble and Michael J. Fox and k.d.lang, and Leslie Nielson and Alex Trebek. It's embarassing. Somebody has to draw the line somewhere, don't you think?"
                "It's not like the ones that come up from the south," Dr. Scanlon continued (he was clearly on a roll). "Those Canadians look like us. Eh? They're harder to spot, except maybe for the Newfies. But otherwise, they blend right in. And they don't have much of an accent. And they dress pretty good. So how do you know?"
                Suddenly a voice came piercing over the wall which PBJC had just erected pn the other side of the creek separating PBJC from the nearby community of Lois, Texas. "He's getting away! Stop him!"
                Dr. Scanlon immediately excused himself and ran toward the source of the voice. Within moments a man neatly dressed in a jacket and tie emerged from behind a nearby tree. He nodded at me and then paused. "Excuse me," he said in a voice that was riddled with blandness, "Can you tell me the way to the nearest comedy club?"