The Pecos Bill Junior College faculty represent a diverse group of well-education, well-trained, well-respected, and underpaid educators. Their drawers are always open.

The PBJC faculty are a diverse group of well-educated,
well-trained, well-respected, and underpaid educators.

Just click on the name of the individual you would like to contact. He or she (or in some cases, both) will be happy to respond to any questions you may have (including what's on the test for this Friday.)

Dr. Billy Bob Thornton
President Emeritus, Conjunctivitis
The founder and past president of the college, Dr. Thornton is currently in Venezuela visiting the 'love of my life and soulmate.'

Dr.(ABD) James "Jim" Robert "Bob" Jumpback
Dr. Jumpback earned his baccalaureate degree at Harvard University (the one in North Dakota), matriculating entirely online. (Some may recognize him by his online name 'spankmyfishpole27'.) He then pursued a Masters and Doctorate simultaneously as a teaching fellow in the University of Phoenix online college leadership program, graduating with honors and two merit badges. Having been forced to leave the state after having been stopped with a broken tail light and unable to present proof of citizenship, he found his way to Lois, Texas and, as the expression goes, 'the rest is historical.'

Ms. Rosemary Muyfeo
Assistant to the President
Shortly after arriving in Lois, Dr. Wedgewood discovered Ms. Muyfeo while visiting a local book store. Intrigued by her tattoos, he vowed to enlist her assistance should he ever feel the need. As luck would have it, he was shortly placed in the position to do so.