It all started back in the day (no..not that day) when Billy Bob Scanlon pulled the wagon train to a stop and surveyed the land and far and wide saw nothing but sky. Then he realized he was laying down.
     Standing up and looking ahead he had a vision. Or perhaps it was a hallucination. (Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference.) It would be a new day for higher education, a day filled with those events that alter and illuminate our lives, a day that would live in infamy, a day in the life. For it was on that day that Pecos Bill Junior College was born.
     It's hard to believe, but from that humble beginning the legend of 'the Junior College that could' emerged. No one expected students to show up, but show up they did, in droves. (Some showed up wearing little else.) When they climbed from their Segways and stepped onto the campus they could feel that history was being made.

"Ah could feel that history was bein' made. Ah could also feel Dr. Scanlon's hand on my leg, but ah jes' figgered he's one of them friendly professors ah've read about in the Phillip Roth novels."
[Sue Ellen Heartfelt, Class of '76]

Within just a few years PBJC's reputation for delivering a quality education at an amazingly low cost grew. That's because the staff selected by Dr. Scanlon understand that quality isn't just a word, it's a marketing ploy. It didn't take long for working students to find out. Juggling family and work isn't easy. That's why PBJC expanded to establish a veriety of locations. From the mini-classes in adult book stores to the online technology found in video arcades, PBJC wove its teaching and learning paradigm into the very fabric of the community.

And that's how the PBJC philosophy emerged. "PBJC is all about you...everywhere you look." Or, as one of the college's team members likes to say: "If you got the money, honey, we got the degree." So it was only natural that as technology developed to make remote learning possible (for those who don't have the remotest idea) PBJC would become a pioneer in elearning and eteaching and ematriculation and the elibrary and ebooks and everything 'e'!

So there it is; from the upstart beginnings, downstart endings, and jump-start hotwiring, to being today’s largest private junior college in North America with students studying at more locations than McDonalds, as well as our online programs available in most countries around the world.

PBJC had, indeed, changed the face of learning. You might say we're the nip and tuck of higher education, performing delicate plastic surgery on the noses and wrinkles of traditional education. And it's all done by faculty who know what the real-world is like and understand what a waste of time most academic experience is. They've paid their dues and done their time (with the exception of those who are on parole and still owe some dues). So they know what you need and they give it to you. (And if they don't, they don't last long.)

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